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Welcome Home 

Welcome to Women's House of Wisdom (WHOW): an online women's yoga & meditation community. A safe space– outside of patriarchal yoga & meditation traditions– to celebrate, explore, and embody feminine spirituality in these uncertain and evolutionary times. 

Through integrating women’s yoga, meditation, ancient wisdom teachings, and psychospiritual principles, WHOW will empower you to partner with your inner, spiritual power and live a Self-led life – for the benefit of all beings.

Who We Are

WHOW is a safe, sacred space for heart-centered, embodied, contemplative feminine spiritual practice – led by Sara Avant Stover, bestselling author, mystic, and teacher of women's yoga and meditation.  

We’re a sisterhood of fierce believers and loving change-makers, spanning across many ages and countries. 

Ours is a refuge of fierce and loving accountability. A place to feel accepted and encouraged. Let your hair down while you roll up your sleeves.

And be constantly urged to listen to & heed the answers within… especially when life feels hard.

“I just wanted to extend a quick thank you for creating this space for us women. It has been the medicine I need in my life right now. Your way of bringing us into meditation resonates with me in a way that I haven't experienced in the past decade of exploring and practicing meditation. Thank you.”  

- Heather Parsons

What We Do

Our approach to feminine spirituality is profound and practical, applying ancient technology to modern womanhood. Grounded. Always simple. And sometimes a little edgy

"I have been following Sara’s teaching in yoga, meditation, and self-reflection for many years. Her teachings and dharma talks resonate with me and are invaluable and current, even after years from their recording. That is why I was excited to sign up for a new, online offering in such a troubled and turbulent time (both personal and collective). 

What surprised me even more in the WHOW was the power of the community and my ability to share and be simply present for other women. I hope this is the beginning of some new form of women’s community: one that is present, listens, is non-judgmental, and prompts change from the inner to the outer world."

– Aurora Zoff

Twice a month, we'll meet for a live video (also recorded) women's yoga & meditation practice together. We'll connect, learn, practice, get inspired, and press “re-set.”

All levels of yoga and meditation experience are warmly welcome!

Your membership includes:

  • Two, live women's yoga & meditation sadhanas each month* (90 min. each)
  • Yin & slow flow yoga, Buddhist meditation, breathwork, psychological inquiry, and energy-body practices tailored for the feminine body-heart-mind
  • A private, online forum to connect with a  loving, supportive circle of women from around the world
  • An ever-growing archive of all the recorded yoga & meditation videos
  • A chance to connect with and ask Sara questions 

* Classes are either on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, with start times alternating between 11 am and 3:30 pm Mountain Time. 

“I have been grateful for this platform to have as a monthly touchpoint to connect and return back home to myself amidst the chaos of these past several months. 

Sara intuitively taps into the collective energy and tailors each month's gathering to what is going on at a micro and macro level. These monthly retreats have felt like a balm to my soul. I am grateful for this community during these times of feeling isolation and challenge.”

 - Mallory Griffiths

"WHOW is a place where I feel held.  Held when I am effervescent and held when I’m in sorrow or grief.  It’s not just a place to come and do yoga.  It’s so much more.  It’s a place to commune with other women.  It’s a place to share what’s going on for you, to be seen, or to be in a quiet place and listen to what’s alive for other women.  It’s a place to go deeper.  

Sara’s teachings anchor me.  They have me see and touch the world inside and outside in new ways.  The meditation or yoga practice helps digest those teachings.  The teachings bring me deeper into myself.  Anchored.  Grounded.  Empowered.  I feel more enlivened and nourished by being in this space.  I’m thankful to be a part of this circle."  

– Anonymous 

Your Investment

Since so many are right now in a place of financial hardship, I'm offering both a discounted rate and a sliding scale for this community:

$24.99/month - Scholarship Membership

$34.99/month - Subsidized Membership

$49.99/month  - Standard Membership

$64.99/month - Supporter Membership 

(Scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up.) 

Any time that you pay more than the recommended amount, you’ll be directly supporting those who can’t afford that rate. 

During these pandemic times, if these prices aren't sustainable for you, please reach out to hello@saraavantstover.com and let us know what you need.   

A note about how billing works: This is a monthly subscription. If you join today, you'll be charged again for that same amount one month from today. You can cancel at any time, and you do this at your end, through the account you create upon registration. There are no refunds. 

Our Time is Now

The world deeply needs the medicine of the Sacred Feminine right now. 

This medicine comes forth for all when you activate it within you

We women have not yet reclaimed en masse the embodied, feminine wisdom that was buried through centuries of oppression. 

Let's use this time wisely to resuscitate and shine our feminine wisdom out to the world as blessings. 

We look forward to practicing with you. 

Being a part of the WHOW community provides a rare respite in today's often over-stimulated and anxious world, to come together in a community in an effort to reclaim our sovereignty in our own body, mind, and spirit. 

It is a gift to be with like-minded womxn globally, share space and time, create a pause to reflect and recenter, and then go back out into the world in contribution." 

– Zina Mercil

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